A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Twenty Ninth Series
Original Price 0.60
Date Cartoons Start 18/07/1974Date Cartoons End 08/07/1975
Number of Cartoons 125
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Tommy Cooper

I think 'Giles' is the funniest cartoonist in the world. He makes me, like millions of others, laugh out loud. He appeals to all ages. His dogs and animals have such funny faces, you can see what they are thinking and are almost human.

Many a time I have been travelling in a train, and I start to laugh at the thought of one of his cartoons that morning, and people look at me as if I'm stark raving mad.

They say that a good laugh is a tonic, to me Carl Giles is the greatest tonic ever.

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