A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Thirtieth Series
Original Price 0.65
Date Cartoons Start 11/07/1975Date Cartoons End 06/06/1976
Published by Daily Express PublicationsISBN 

Introduction by - Eric Morecambe, OBE

Discusses the 30th Giles Annual with Norman Giller

How do you rate Giles, Eric?

He started out as a pavement artist, y'know. Had a pitch in London. Called it The Chalk Of The Town. It was near Trafalgar Square. Only the pigeons spotted his talent so he joined the Daily Express.

He has since become the most popular cartoonist in the country. And he's also very popular in the town. I know he's got millions of followers because everywhere he goes he draws a good crowd.

Can you try to give a serious assessment of Giles in the context of his standing in the world of comedy?

Let me tell you, and I mean this in all seriousness, folks, that Giles is one of the great humorists of all time.

I admire and envy his talent. It's a wonderful gift to be able to make people laugh and to manage it every day by the use of a pencil and a dozen or so carefully chosen words is doubly clever.

The Express has always been powerful on the cartoonist front. Sir Osbert Lancaster, Cummings, wonderful Roy Ullyett. They've all got plenty of witty lead in their pencils.

I'm sure they will understand when I say that for me Giles is the king. My favourite of all his marvellous characters is Grandma. Is she any relation to Ernie Wise? They're built along similar lines and Em carries the same type of handbag. I love the way she always has Basil Brush slung around her neck when she's out terrorising the local neighbourhood.

You've had a sneak preview of the Giles Annual. What's it like?

It's well worth stealing.

Every one of his cartoons is like a five-minute television sketch. There is so much to find in the background after you have had your initial laugh at the main joke line.

Just to prove that this is an authentic Eric Morecambe introduction, can you sign the foot of the page. I can only give you the reply I gave when I received the OBE - I'm honoured!

Long live Giles. Long laugh world.


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