A Celebration of Giles - Annual Details
Title Sixtieth Series
Original Price 7.99
Date Cartoons Start //Date Cartoons End //
Number of Cartoons 142
Published by Express NewspapersISBN 0-850793-19-X

Introduction by - Ann Widdecombe

I have been a fan of Giles cartoons since childhood when I used to have fun spotting all the small details with their own jokes. As I grew older I began to appreciate the subtlety of the main message and now no year is complete if I haven't flipped through the Giles collection.

The cartoons are irreverent and pointed, mini satires on the society on which we live but my favourites are those with the well established characters like Grandma. There are some comedians who make you laugh even before they have said anything, their expressions alone producing peels of mirth. Grandma is their cartoon equivalent.

Giles, alas draws no more but the cartoons are as fresh today as when they were first published. His work is a treasure trove in which people will successfully look for gems for years to come. Sardonic but not spiteful, sharp but not cruel, this is cartooning at its best.

Thank you, Giles

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The annual contains three spot the difference puzzles

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