A Celebration of Giles - Scrapbook
A visit to the Giles archive and exhibition  
An article describing the enormity of the Giles cartoon archive and more details on the Giles exhibition.
Annual Number 7 Artwork  
A brief description of the artwork for the number 7 Giles annual.
Giles Memories   
Stories and recollections of Giles, or his cartoons.
Some photo's and information about Giles' influence on the town.
Press Cuttings 
Magazine and newspaper articles about Giles.
Anything that doesn't fit in to one of the categories above.

You can find here everything else that doesn't fit into one of the main categories on the front page. If you have anything that you think may be of interest, no matter how obscure, then send me an email and I will consider it for the site.

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